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Manufacturers and distributors who have trusted us with their promotional and other collateral materials have found Allan Graphics to be a great partner.
We understand the elements you need to develop: catalogues, flyers and other printed material and we are experts in design presentation and printing reproduction. This guarantees dynamic materials and consistency of your brand.

In today’s competitive markets Associations and Foundations have to be wiser by getting the most effective solutions to promote their message. We recommend you use a ‘SmartBuying’ approach to fulfill your needs. We will work closely with your communications people to enable them to produce their work with the funds they have available.

Two of the cornerstones of Canadian society are Healthcare and Education; both sectors are under more pressure than ever to deliver services for less. We understand how vast your needs are for printed materials to manage your business and communicate to your employees and users. Allan Graphics has many years of experience working with groups like yours and is positioned well to provide good advice and appropriate materials.

Our region has its share of institutions of higher education with two universities, three Ontario Community Colleges and a variety of independent colleges and training schools. We recognize that your demographic is drawn by good and consistent branding . . . and we are good at that.

Business/Financial/Professional Services
You need materials that speak to your audience and tell your story the way you want it told. We have experience in many different disciplines of the Financial and Professional Services Sector.

We are located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country where people visit the 1000 Islands, the Land-O-Lakes, Prince Edward County and the towns and villages throughout the region. We are immersed in a ‘See and Do’ industry and we have been helping to make it flourish by producing ‘knock-your-socks-off’ design and superb printing for over 35 years.

Designers/Marketing/The Arts
We understand you are in a competitive market and we want to help you succeed by producing your work with care and skill. There is too much at stake to take your creative work and have it poorly printed. We do only quality work and that is a promise!

Allan Graphics has produced work for the Canadian Military as well as many government departments and agencies. We use a systematic approach to managing projects and producing goods. Our system is a natural fit to the structure of both a military and government framework.

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